VK3 Amateur Radio

I was introduced to Amateur Radio via my uncle VK3YU and with the reception of VK3RTV fast scan TV on Channel 35.

Receiving 70cm Audio Repeaters

During 2018 I purchased an Intel NUC and replaced the usb cable used for better results with my home made 70cm co-linear co-axial antenna.

In 2016 I build the 70cm antenna and later in 2017 I was successful in detecting some local 70cm VK3 repeaters.

See my page for more details /70cmantenna/

Receiving VK3RTV 70cm Television Repeater

During 2017 I upgraded my reception of VK3RTV using a Raspberry Pi connected to the antenna socket at my rental.

This was to take advantage of the best signal strength available by connecting a receiver to the socket.

See my updated page for more details /vk3rtvraspberrypi2017/

Shared DVB-T roof top antenna

VK3RTV went off air in October 2017. A new home for the repeater is being determined. The Telstra tower in Surrey Hills is being proposed as the new location.

From Morse To The Magnetron 2015

During July 2015 I visited the Geelong Amateur Radio Club (VK3ATL) as they held a "From Morse To The Magnetron" exhibition of Military Communications, Signalling and Navigation technology from World War One in Swinburne Street North Geelong.

See my page for more details /FromMorseToTheMagnetron/

From Morse To The Magnetron 2015

Arduino Day 2015

March 28 2015 was the world wide Arduino Day celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Arduino. I visited the Geelong Amateur Radio Club (VK3ATL) as they held an Arduino Open Day event at their club rooms in Storrer Street.

Arduino Day 2015 Arduino Day 2015
Arduino Day 2015

Geelong Amateur Radio Club

VK3RTV: Melbourne Amateur Television Repeater

ASRock ION 3D Screenshot

VK3RTV Repeater Test Card

Links about my reception of VK3RTV.

  • Details of my computerised repeater monitoring of VK3RTV with a LED Display.
  • Details of the success of receiving Digital Amateur Television using a range of USB DVB-T dongles.
  • Details of historic footage that I recorded of VK3RTV during 1991.
  • Details of watching VK3RTV1 and VK3RTV2 using Mythbuntu Linux.
  • Details of watching VK3RTV1 and VK3RTV2 using a DGTEC set top box.
  • Details of my Analogue TV DX interests.
  • Details of the repair of a Mac TV Dongle.

    The weekly WIA news is played on air of a Sunday morning with a repeat Wednesday night.

    Silent Key

    My uncle Bob Smith is a silent key and shared many testimonies of his HF amateur radio pursuits.

    I have one of his QSL cards

    vk3yu QSL card
    VK3YU QSL Card

    NASA Suit Sat Event

    I was interested in the NASA Suit Sat Amateur Radio event during February 2006. I watched the live space walk on NASA TV where McArthur and Tokarev deployed their old Russian space suit.