SWL Activities

For over 20 years, I have listened to Shortwave Radio. I currently use a Sangean ATS-818 receiver to listen to international broadcasts. My first shortwave radio is a Voxson VP-2 that I purchased during the 1980s from a retail store at Southland shopping centre.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Reception

I have a number of tools that I use to listen to the EM spectrum.

Voxson VP-2 Receiver Sangean ATS-818 Receiver EZCap Dongle

Voxson VP-2

Sangean ATS-818

EZCap Dongle

During the 1980s it was exciting to listen to the BBC and VOA broadcasts with overseas news and experience non Australian culture. I was fascinated to listen to international christian news from HCJB in Ecuador South America. This was before HCJB ran its Australasian service from offices here in Melbourne. Well before Rhema FM and Light FM were here in southern Victoria I could listen to christian radio on shortwave. I listened to both HCJB and WHR in the evenings.

This is a historic list of English shortwave stations received in Australia:

  • Christian Science Monitor https://www.csmonitor.com/
  • HCJB Australia http://www.hcjb.org/
  • World Harvest Radio International http://www.whri.com/
  • Trans World Radio http://www.twr.org/
  • CVC Australia http://www.cvc.tv/
  • BBC World Service http://www.bbcworld.com/
  • Radio New Zealand International http://www.rnzi.com/
  • Radio China International http://www.crienglish.com/
  • Radio Japan http://www.nhk.or.jp/english/
  • Voice of America http://www.voanews.com/
  • Radio Australia http://www.abc.net.au/ra/

    Other stations received include WWV on 10.000 MHz.

    The discovery of secret numbers stations broadcasting on HF.

    The local HF CB call channel on 27.085 MHz.

    ADS-B Receiver

    During 2016 I built a homemade ADS-B Receiver to detect local flying aircraft.

    Example Dump1090 Networked Graph

    This is using a collinear antenna, RTLSDR dongle and a Raspberry Pi running dump1090 software.

    See /dump1090/

    AIS Receiver

    During 2018 I installed an AIS Receiver to detect ships in Port Phillip Bay.

    Example of OpenCPN and AISRec running on Windows

    This is using a rabbit ears antenna, RTLSDR dongle with AISRec and OpenCPN software.

    See /ais/

    Trunk Radio Receiver

    During 2018 I installed a Trunk Radio Receiver to listen to Regional Ambulance Services.

    Example of SDRTrunk running on Windows

    This is using a VHF/UHF indoor antenna, RTLSDR dongle and SDRTrunk software.

    See /sdrtrunk/

    SDR# Receiver

    During 2015 I installed an SDR# Receiver.

    Example of SDR# running on Windows

    This is using an RTLSDR dongle and SDR# software.

    See /swl/sdrsharp/

    NOAA Receiver

    During 2017 I built a QFH antenna for NOAA reception.

    Photo of QFH Antenna

    I have been unsuccessful in getting my QFH antenna working.

    See /qfhantenna/